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We cooperate only with professional growers of fruits and vegetables in Europe.
We check and control all the norms to the highest standards, this to ensure that we can deliver fruits and vegetables with a high quality standard.
Honey is a new direction for us, but we do everything possible to succeed.
Our philosophy is not to get a quick profit, but to work for a reputation.

Czelix is a trade company with a head office in Poland
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  • Greenhouses
    Greenhouses of the fifth generation UltraClima, which uses «Czelix», allow the microclimate to be controlled with high accuracy.
  • Watering
    For watering our vegetables, we use automated irrigation technology "tide", draining the drainage after the end of the cycle of water. The duration of each cycle is calculated by our agronomists.
  • Lighting
    For the effective photosynthesis of our plants, from October to April, we have created lighting systems that operate from our own energy center. Thus, we have an uninterrupted production process.
  • Pollination by bumblebees
    Flowering is perhaps the most important process in plant life. This is the culmination of his development, eye-catching.
    During flowering, we use a modern ecological technique pollination by bumblebees.
  • Preserving the harvest
    Environmental responsibility is our principle. Therefore, the rejection of any use of pesticides was, is and will be the basis of our philosophy. Our greenhouses are constantly under slight overpressure, preventing the penetration of pests.
  • Ecology
    We do not use either genetically modified hybrids and varieties, nor growth stimulants, since an ideally tuned microclimate inside the greenhouses and without these factors makes it possible to fully reveal the potential of the plant.

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We are Located in Warsaw, Poland

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